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Hialeah Probate Lawyer

Experienced Advocate Helping You Navigate the Complex Probate System

When a loved one passes away, it may be necessary to have his or her assets pass through the probate system. To ensure that these assets are divided as your loved one intended, and passed to the heirs as quickly as possible, you should turn to an experienced Hialeah probate attorney.

At the Law Office of Yvette Gonzalez Costa, P.A., we use our probate experience to make the probate process flow smoothly from beginning to end. We understand that having to handle probate following the passing of a loved one can be difficult for you — we take care of the legal side of probate for you.

Comprehensive Probate Representation in Florida

We draw upon our more than a decade of legal experience to help administer probate as efficiently as possible. We will be at your side through all stages of the complicated probate process, including:

  • Locating the will
  • Filing documents with the probate court
  • Determining and locating the heirs
  • Obtaining the death certificate
  • Collecting income due to the deceased
  • Paying creditors
  • Protecting the assets until they are distributed
  • Defending against will contests or other actions

Through all stages of probate, we provide you with direct access to your attorney, and will give you the straightforward legal advice you deserve.


A concept related to the probate process and preserving assets is guardianship. When an incapacitated loved one is no longer able to make rational decisions about his or her health and finances, you can apply for a guardianship. Incapacity can result from mental illness, age, infirmity or many other sources. When a guardianship is granted, the designated guardian is given the ability to make financial decisions, health decision, or both on your loved one's behalf, depending on the type of guardianship. Guardianships can prevent your loved one from financially or physically harming himself or herself. The process of applying for a guardianship can be difficult and time consuming. We can help you navigate through this system quickly, so that your loved one gets the protection he or she needs as soon as possible.

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